Listen to The Cry of The Poor


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All over the world, more than 1.3billion live in extreme poverty and according to UNICEF, 22,000 Children die each day due to poverty. There is a wide social gap between the rich and the poor.

Many Parents are struggling with hardship, and cannot make enough money to pay for the rent, Medicine, Children’s needs and food.

There are many homeless poor who live under bridges and street corners because of the high cost of housing. Many helpless sick cannot afford proper Medical care, others cannot afford clothes to wear and many young people join rebel groups in half a dozen countries out of frustration of unemployment.

As a result of hardship some collect waste food from the streets, many people are drawn into prostitution, some even sell their kidney or children’s kidneys which they feel is better than selling their bodies or living on charity in other to meet up.

The poor are being used negatively, maltreated and intimidated. Stolen fund meant for the poor are being used by prominent men in the society, the rich are acquitted for a bribe and deprive the poor of their rights, unemployment is on the rise and in some cases ,before you are employed they will give you condition that is against your spirituality. But because you have no option, you would submit to their condition. Shall we submit so that sin may abound? God forbid. Isaiah 55 tells us that we should resist anything that is against our faith.

Government may have failed you, but God remains faithful and has plans for you. God is crying because of the deplorable, hopeless, miserable and wretched conditions of the poor masses.

In Psalm 12:5( KJV ), it is written, “Because the poor are despoiled, because the needy groan, I will now rise up,” says the Lord; “I will place them in the safety for which they long.”

Also in Luke 4:18-19(KJV), the Bible says,” The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lords favour.”

God does not joke with the poor. Are you living in poverty? God loves you. Cry no more and abide continually in God. It is God that lifts up the poor. In 1 Peter 5:10b the Bible says that after you have suffered for a little while, the Lord will establish you and secure you. He will secure you and your family.

Prayer can change every condition. Pray on with Psalm 34 and you will see where it is written that this poor man called and the Lord answered. He will surely answer you.

Finally, I implore you to listen to the cry of the poor in your community and the world at large. The poor are crying for help. Always come to their aid when you are in a position to do so. Remember the “Golden rule” in your relationship with everyone; both the poor and the rich. Our Earthly mission is to bring good news to the poor, rather than make their problems worse. May the Lord answer you when you call to Him. Amen. Thanks for visiting and God bless you!




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When people come to the crossroad of their lives they usually lose faith in God, feeling that God has deserted them. Does God abandon His faithful servants? Not at all.

In the face of terrorism, war, murder, raping and other challenges you may be experiencing, truth remains that God is able to deliver you and will not abandon you.

In the holy Scripture, in the book of Daniel 3,God delivered Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the furnace of blazing fire. They walked around in the midst of the flame singing hymns to God and blessing the Lord. They trusted in God and he did not fail them. The blazing fire did not have any power over their bodies. This shows the great power of Almighty God to save.

In Exodus 3:8, God through Prophet Moses delivered oppressed Israelites from the Egyptians by creating a route for them through the red Sea. Are you oppressed? Do not think of the strength or number of your oppressors, rather think about Gods ability and power to deliver you.

Daniel was saved from the lion’s den in the book of Daniel 6:20.He was found to be blameless before God. In Timothy 4:18,the Lord promised to rescue us from every evil attack and save us for His Heavenly kingdom. He will rescue you from every evil attack and save you for His heavenly kingdom in Jesus Name.

Psalm 12:6 says, “The promises of the Lord are promises that are pure, silver refined in a furnace on the ground purified seven times.”

He is not a promise and fail God. He is unchangeable. God can do what he said He can do. You are required to do what He said you must do. Trust and obey Him. Walk blamelessly before Him.

Lastly, God is greater than any difficulties you face in your life. Do not rely on your ability but rather on Gods ability. He is able to deliver you. Thank you for visiting. I love you all and God bless you!

Speaking With And Hearing God Through Solitude

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Many Christians are gradually drifting away from the way of God, and becoming worldlier. Others are losing grip of the word of God and fail to follow the way of salvation and true prayer.

We are assaulted constantly by engaging in words and excitements of quarrelling, feasting, partying and all kinds of pleasures that drown out the ” still, quiet voice ” of God.

In the Scripture, Colossians 3:2-3 says,” Set your minds on things that are above not on things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.” It takes effort to sit still, to shut out other noises and voices , to read the Bible and set our minds to listen to the voice of the holy spirit speaking to us.

In Mark 1:35-37, Jesus often slipped away from the crowds, seeking solitude to keep in touch with God by talking with and listening to God. We as his followers need to read and listen to his word unceasingly.

Communication with God is true prayer. A born again Christians spirit and Gods spirit are in constant communication. The hungry and humble have access to the hidden treasures in God’s word.

Satan is warring to keep us spiritually deaf, which is a great stumbling block to hearing the holy spirit. We cannot hear the voice of God in a noisy environment but rather in a quiet one. We must fight back Satan through spiritual warfare.

Lastly, since we cannot hear God in a noisy place, we seriously need solitude to keep in touch with God. By doing so the grace that will be released from his word through communication will open our eyes and ears to behold his glory. I love you all and God bless you!

Are you having problems communicating with God? It is not an easy task but the holy spirit will see you through every obstacle in Jesus Name. Share with us your challenges

4 Principle Guides to Become a True Disciple


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The commitment of true believers is to follow Jesus to wherever he leads them through the Holy spirit. When Jesus Ministry began in Galilee, Jesus had a lot of followers apart from his Disciples, and a lot of miracles, signs, and wonders were performed through Him.

However,his followers never knew that following Jesus was a more serious affair. Jesus knew that they were following him and that they did not know what it means to follow him. Jesus made it clear In Matthew 16:24 , ” If anyone would come after me ,he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

Furthermore, In the book of Luke chapter 14:26, Jesus said,” Whoever comes to me and does not hate Father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple.” Jesus did not mean we should hate our parents or our children but mean that if it is necessary to make a choice between Him and our parents that we must not hesitate to choose Him. We were made to understand in John 12:26, that whoever serves God must follow him.

Individually, we have our reasons for serving him. Are you truly serving God or doing it for the sake of peoples approval ?Are you a hypocrite who in the midst of religious people want to be considered religious or spiritual, but when you are with irreligious people deny Christ? Jesus clearly told us in Matthew10:33,“but whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my Father in heaven.”

True Discipleship necessitate us to pay attention to these Principle Guides to become a true Disciple of Jesus Christ:

  1. You Must Be Willing to Follow Christ: You must be determined to be a follower of Jesus Christ with all your heart. The journey of faith begins with a decision to follow Christ, you must realize that your decision to either follow Christ or not will have eternal consequences.( Luke 16:19-30)
  2. You Must Deny Yourself: To deny yourself means to reject or disown self. A believer is disconnected to the self but connected to Jesus. From the moment you become a Christian you are abandoning your own way and will, and accepting Christ’s.
  3. You Must Take Up Your Cross: Paul says in Galatians 5:24,“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.”In the time of Jesus, when you saw someone carrying his cross, you knew he was to die. A Christian has signed in for death. He is ready to die for Christ. He has submitted his will and everything to Jesus.
  4. You Must Follow Jesus: To follow means to be a Disciple. A Christian is a disciple. Following Jesus has an immeasurable reward.Mark 10:28-31 tells us that a great reward awaits all who leave everything to follow Jesus.To follow Him is to put your trust in nothing that is not God,that is not perfect, that is not noble, that is not charitable, that is not true, and that is not holy.To follow Jesus is to free your mind from the worries of the world,the desires of the flesh, the pride of life, and the lust of the eyes . Following Christ also means taking his steps no matter the cost and also taking total refuge in the grace of God.

Thank you for visiting! Do you have a better guide on how to become a true Disciple of Jesus Christ or are you experiencing difficulties in follow Jesus Christ? Please share with us your experience in the comments or email us @ I love you all and God bless you!



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Since the Worlds inception, much has been made of the fact that sinful life influence us in many ways both physically and spiritually. When Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden believed Satan’s lying suggestion that God did not mean what he said, it influenced their relationship with God; leading to banishment from God`s presence. Adam`s sin brought death to our race and the consequences of their sin is still witnessed in human lives today.

In the Old Testament, Judges 6:1(KJV) says, And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord: and the Lord delivered them into the hand of Midian seven years. From the above passage, the Israelites’ gave themselves to evil activities and the enemy ruled over them. The moment you begin to live in sin, the glory of God will move out of you. Each time you give yourself to sin, its power enslave you and sinful habits become a ruling principle. You will also begin to live in fear, shame, condemnation and in darkness which finally result to demotion and death. In this sinful state, those who were supposed to be your servants would become your Masters. Devil will have dominion over you and make you a loser. However, we were told in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Regretfully, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God but thanks be to God the Father. In John 3:16, God because of the love he had for us became man to win humanity to himself so that those who believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life. God’s love for humanity is unconditional. The fact that God sent his only beloved son to die a painful death in our place assigns value to us and lets us know God loves us immensely, and could not afford to let the human race perish but to have abundant life. You are part of that human race. He wants you to believe in him even in the face of temptations.

Interestingly, Second Corinthians 5:17(KJV) says,” Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” Dear friend, the Good news is that all is not lost. Once you receive Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour something happens to you on the inside. You are transformed and God sees you complete in him through Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, you become part of the family of God. You are a child of God and Satan’s dominion over your life ends. Promotions will take over.

I encourage you to give your life to Jesus Christ today. Only through Him, with Him and in Him can you witness a great transformation into the person you were designed to be from the beginning. A Child of God! I love you all and God bless you!

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Focus Your Thoughts on Gods Precepts


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Daily there are thousands upon thousands of thoughts presented to us. In the Book of Genesis 6:5 the Lord described every inclination of the thoughts of man as being evil continually.
As Christians, we have to purposely choose life generating thoughts by channeling our God given minds positively to the law of the Lord.In Philippians 4:8,we were instructed to think on good things, things that will build us up.Atimes we think about things that keep our minds busy but are not productive in a positive way, such as meditating on what people say rather than on what God says in the Bible which is truth and life.
The Word of God teaches us what we should spend our time thinking about in Psalm 1:1-3,the psalmist said that he thought about the precepts of God.That means that he spent a lot of time pondering and thinking on the ways of God,His teaching, and His instructions.
Proverbs 4:20 says,”My child ,be attentive to my words; incline your ear to my sayings.” How do we attend to Gods Word? We attend to Gods word by meditating on it,by pondering on it, by contemplating it,by rehearsing or practicing it in our thinking and by going the extra mile to speak them aloud as our confession.
Consider this passage of scripture in Proverbs 4:20-22 which clearly tells us that the Words of the Lord are a source of healing to the flesh.Meditating the Word of God in our mind will actually affect our physical body and also will increase our knowledge.Just like David in Psalm 77:12, choosing to think on the doings of God and His works of His hands will help us overcome our various life challenges, no matter what they may be.
Many of us act before thinking.But we were advised in the book of proverb to be thoughtful in every situation.Your thoughts today will determine what you are.What you are today is what you have been thinking for the last ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years.If you want to be a success and prosperous in all your dealings the Bible says you must meditate on the Word of God day and night.
You need to line up your thinking with God and His Word.Think about things that are important to God and make it a regular part of your thought life if you want to experience victory.The power of the Holy spirit working through the Word of God will bring victory into your life. I love you all and God bless you!

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7 Winning Keys to Possess Healing Through Gods Promise


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Healing is the Children’s bread. Child of God, believe it or not, healing belongs to you! God accomplished healing for you by paying its costly price at Calvary.

One of the question believers usually ask today is whether God is willing to heal.In sickness many have tried to get cure through traditional and western Medicine.No way. Many have tried fasting and midnight prayers, but to no avail.Some have even prayed and been in healing Crusades and have been prayed for many times but still are not healed.Many Christians lack proficiency in healing.This could be attributed to not studying about healing subject continually and not acting on what they have learned.

It is for this reason that Winning Keys to possess healing through Gods promise will equip you to pray for the sick and obtain positive results.It will also enable you enjoy complete health in every area of your life and make you a winner in the Lord.I want to assure you that it is Gods will to save you from sickness,disease and misfortunes.

All you need to do is to let God guide you; to be more Spiritual and to accept Gods gift of healing already provided for you to enjoy its benefits.By so doing you will be healed through exercising your faith in the Word of God.You have what it takes to handle your mountain. Every sickness and disease has already been dealt with in Gods Salvation plan.

1. You Must Be A Child Of God : John 1:12 said that those who received Christ and believed in Him,He gave power to become Children of God.You need to become a Child of God ,not by mouth but by action.You need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour and believe in him.Remember, healing belongs to Gods Children.

2. Clean Up Your Dirty Record: Proverb 28:13 said that you will never succeed in life if you try to hide your sins. Confess your sins and give them up; then God will bless you.Did you commit a sin yesterday? No doubt you did. And all of us do. It is written in Romans 3:23,”All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Now clean up! Be sorry for your sin, repent and ask the Lords forgiveness and then forget it.Possessing healing will be futile unless you first clean up.

3. Think Positively About Your Problem: Your negative thinking and attitudes are your greatest enemy.To overcome them, starve them by ignoring them. Learn to see things positively and you will find out that the solution to every problem lies within the problem.

4. Build Up Your Faith: Everyone needs a ” faith -lift”.You and I do.Without a bubbling faith you cannot handle the turbulence of life.The world says ” seeing is believing “, faith says” believing is seeing.” Anything is possible to anyone who has faith( Mark 9:23). Make Bold declarations based on Gods word and positively to your situation in Jesus Name.Do not base your declaration on what you see, but on what you are sure of,and what you know and the enemy will be compelled to bow.1 John 5:4 said that we overcome the world and its problems by faith.

5. Believe: It is your belief that propels you to speak out to your situation.And when you speak out, you receive,when you receive,you believe more,and when you believe more you speak out more and the more you speak out,the more you possess.What you are not able to loudly and publicly proclaim will never become yours.

6. Speak Out In The Name Of Jesus Christ: One important instrument you need to speak out profitably to your situation is the Bible. When you speak out three major things happen- the devil bows, the angels act on what you say,and God confirms what you say. When you speak in His Name you will do things beyond the natural.You can destroy every sickness, disease and misfortune.Speaking out only what you believe on the inside brings out the result.Before a miracle can take place in your life,there must be an agreement between what you declare with your mouth what is in your heart.What you think and say in your heart must not be contrary to what you say with your physical mouth.The devil does not hear what you say in your heart.He only hears and obey what you declare with your physical mouth. Continually confess and believe that ” by Jesus stripes, I was healed.”

7. Expect Your Miracle: It is written in Romans 10:11 ,” No one who believes in Jesus Christ or in His word , will be put to shame.” To expect a miracle is to have an optimistic faith.You have to be rugged and tough in mind.No weak-minded person can experience a miracle.An optimist is a person who believes in a good outcome even when he cannot yet see it.Pray until something happens.Never give up on your expected miracle.The hemorrhaged woman in Matthew 9 was an optimistic believer who believed she would be healed of her twelve years of severe bleeding before she experience it.She expected a miracle and it happened.Be patient and wait for your miracle, it will surely come at a time God says it will come.Therefore expect it!I love you all and God bless you! Amen.

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