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For Christians, love means making up one’s mind in Christ to work for the good of souls, without discrimination of any kind; trying to obtain for them the good of knowing Christ and falling in love with him.

God demonstrated his own love towards us , in that while we were still sinners ,he died for us (Romans 5:8). God’s love for us flows without limit. The love of God and fellow man is the greatest law from which there is never an exception. Christ who came to save all mankind wanted to teach us how to love one another in the same way as he loves each one of us. Only by imitating the divine pattern he has left us, not withstanding our sinful ways, will we be able to open our hearts to all men and love in a totally new way.

The love that ought to exist amongst us Christians is born of God. So let us love one another.We need to examine ourselves in so many activities we do each day and observe if our hearts respond as it should to the promptings of God. If not, we have to retrace our steps and put things right. Charity towards our neighbour is an expression of our love of God.

The absence of a continuous and intense, person-to-person relationship with our lord Jesus Christ, and an ignorance of the work of the holy spirit in the soul is a hindrance to the practice of charity.

Finally, as Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide today, let us not neglect Christ out of concern for worldly affair but turn our gaze constantly to Jesus Christ. We need to devout ourselves and all our energies to the service of others loving without measure like Christ and winning souls with love through Christ. We must in strength and humility meet hate with love.I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day!. Share God’s love and God bless you. Amen.


Embrace Holy Spirit and End Your Challenges

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Living without the Holy Spirit is very challenging. It created a vacuum in the lives of many striving Christians. Holy people of God, who are very critical when it comes to religious issues believed that intellectual pride, doubt, unyielding spirit, sin, fear , religious tradition ,and emotional wounds prevents someone from receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I cannot exist without the Holy Spirit; He dwells within me. Studies of the Holy Bible have shown in Acts 17:28 that in Him we live and move and have our being. Therefore, He is my comforter, counsellor, helper, Advocate, Intercessor and strengthener.

Embracing the work of the Holy Spirit in your life is absolutely essential if you are to witness a powerful transformation. Bible studies have shown a remarkable positive outcome in Judges 5: 45, where physical mountains melted at the presence of God. Most of you will agree with me, that if physical mountains could melt at the presence of God, undoubtedly your setbacks is going to disappear by His presence in your life.

To rest your hope on the premises that with God all things are possible would be a wise decision. Things impossible with man is possible with God. Believe you me, God can do everything no matter how difficult the challenge. He is all-powerful, invincible, all-knowing, infinite, faithful, and everlasting king.

Friends, humbly embrace the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit which works through His Word will bring victory into your life and your miracles will put an end to your challenges.

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Its Possible Be Optimistic!

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The Spiritual path from impossibility to possibility does exist. The facts about transformation from Captivity to deliverance, suffering to healing , destruction to preservation and damnation to salvation are all in the Holy Scripture.

Our greatest obstacle to achieving breakthrough is believing in God but taking with a grain of salt his unfailing word, which has the strength to transform our lives positively.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement – John Mason

An optimistic Christian faithfully believes in God and in His Word, unlike a pessimistic one who throw in the towel when difficulties arise. It is our obstacles that reveals what we truly believe in.

To be realistic, doubt has no benefit but rather makes us lag behind from achieving our God destined potential.

According to the Bible, Romans 10:11 says, ” No one who believes in Jesus Christ or in His Word, will be put to shame.”

You will not be put to shame believing in God or in His Word. One of the great things about believing God is that impossibilities with men are possible with God. It is your belief that propels you to see the superiority of God to your circumstances.

What difficulties are you experiencing? Be optimistic! Never lose focus on God or in His confirmed Word. Believe God and trust in Him. Pray, commit your plans to the Lord and it will succeed, then your victory will be sure and as lasting as a pyramid. Everything will be possible for you. Thanks for visiting.

Happy New Year! I love you all and God bless!

Gods Word Heals ( Part 2)

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In the bible, the book of wisdom 16:12-13(NRSA) says, “For neither herb nor poultice cured them but it was your word O Lord that heals all people. For you have power over life and death; you lead mortals down to the gates of Hades and back again.” Believe that God has power to heal you through His word. Your greatest enemy is the devil who have come not only to kill and destroy you, but also to steal from you the abundant life God has planned for you.
To recover from your sickness you will need to daily follow these steps optimistically till you receive your miracle. Never give up!
1. Reject the ” Why me ” negative attitude
2. Commit your life into Gods hand by receive Him as your Lord and personal Saviour.
3. Prayer is the key to your healing. Psalm12:4 said that with your mouth you get what you want. Proverb 18:21 said that there is power in your mouth, power to save life and power to destroy it. Prophecy to that mountain of sickness as Prophet Ezekiel did in Chapter 37. Saturate your mind with bible verses that stress the fact that God is with you and loves you.
I. Think positively about your sickness
II. Confess your sins and that of your people three times daily and give them up
III. Make faith declarations about your sickness three times daily. Example: I will not die, I will live and proclaim what the Lord has done ( Psalm 118:17, also use these bible verses Jer.30:15-17,Isaiah 52:18,Ps.41:3 2 kings 20:5,John14:19,and Ps.118:17
IV. Believe you can overcome and can do all things through the power of Jesus Christ who strengthens you( Philippians 4:13)
V. Speak to your sickness directly as if you are speaking to a human being face to face. Do this as many times as possible each day.
VI. Expect your miracle. No one who believes in Jesus Christ or His word, will be put to shame( Roman 10:11)
VII. Complain no more about your sickness. Be optimistic, expect your miracle and it will happen.
VIII. Do not neglect your Exercise, good diet ,meditation and good works
Everyday begin your day with the Lord Jesus Christ and pass expectancy thoughts through your mind and you will, for a fact, turn yourself and live as never before. Be healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Amen. Thanks for visiting and God bless you!

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Do not grieve the Holy spirit who dwells in you. We grieve the holy spirit of God through the life of bitterness, wrath, anger, clamour, evil speaking, malice and other evil deeds. Grieving the Holy spirit results in loss of the holy spirit of promise with which we were sealed at baptism. Outcome is Spiritual bankruptcy. Make the holy spirit happy by living in holiness.

Gods Word Heals ( Part 1)

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It is a known bible fact that everything that happens in this world happens at a time God chooses. He sets time for Sickness and the time for health, time for tearing down and time for building ( Ecclesiastes 3:3)

When you are afflicted with any sickness , you are usually faced with fear, shock, helplessness and a “why me ” attitude. Also you become daily conscious of the uncertainties of life. Sometimes you become too sick to take care of anyone.

To make the matter worse, the high cost of treatment overwhelms you.

All hope is not lost. Be assured that Cancer or any sickness you are suffering from will not kill you unless you give the enemy a chance.

So many people are survivors of Cancer.

Many people in this condition question God.Who are you to question God your creator?

He made you fearfully and wonderfully. His plans for you is for your welfare and not for harm.

Watch out for part 2 of this post soon.Thanks for visiting. I love you all and remain blessed!

Have you been experiencing challenges in your prayers? Have you been miraculously healed through God’s word? Please share with us your personal experiences and questions in the comments or email us @

Definitely, Gods purpose will be established. Are you planning according to Gods purpose or your own purpose? Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established. Your plans fail when it does not correspond with gods purpose. Gods time is the best.

World International Day of Nonviolence

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Today is the United Nations International Day of nonviolence, a global observance that promotes nonviolence through education and public awareness.

Expressing dissatisfaction with certain issues could be achieved through non violent actions. Nonviolence is a great tool for fighting against injustice, cruelty, oppression, discrimination and so on.

In the Holy Scripture, Romans 12:17-19(ESV) said that we should do what is good, live peaceably with all, and never to avenge ourselves, but to leave vengeance for the Lord.

I urge you to embrace nonviolence in all your conflicts by establishing trust, reinforcing healthy debate and striving to understand one another. The Lord will surely fight for your cause. Thanks for visiting. I love you and God bless you!

Let Peace Reign


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Millions follow the beaten path of conflict forgetting that only peace can drive out war.

Cambridge Dictionary defined peace as freedom from war and violence especially when people live and walk together happily without disagreement.

Moreover, a lack of common understanding and trust bring about conflicts between different ethnic groups, different religions and different races which is becoming more overwhelming in today’s society.

True peace is your desire to please Jesus Christ in all that you do; it is disagreeing to what is wrong and sinful or speaking up against wrong; it is the word of the Lord bringing you to genuine peace with God. Your mind becomes as peaceful as sleep when you please the Lord Jesus Christ.

To enable peace to reign in the World, we individually need to bury the hatchet and pursue peace. Furthermore, we need to create harmonious trusted relationships between countries and groups by building cultures of peace and reconciliation.

Today is the International Day of Peace observed around the World. A red-letter day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace among all nations and peoples. It inspires us all to live in harmony with nature and each other.

It is very important for us to participate in the promotion of peace among all nations and live in harmony with each other. What is your peace package today? In the Scriptures, James 3:18 said that peace makers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness. May the Prince of Peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every way. Amen. Thanks for visiting . I love you all and Peace be with you!